"Blossoms" is a hit, these 35 lines of dialogue are explosive! (Every line is godlike)

Today, we have compiled 35 thought-provoking quotes from the drama and the original work, covering various dimensions such as business, cognition, and life, to share with you all, hoping to inspire you.

  1. After the hottest days, the coldest days are necessary. Always remember, this is a rule.

  2. Outsiders look at the facade, insiders look at the back door.

  3. You may think you're eating lobster, but you're actually eating opportunities. A lobster is an opportunity. Either you're networking or you're seeking help.

  4. In everything, always keep something in reserve.

  5. Do you know the Empire State Building in New York? It takes an hour to run from the bottom to the top, but only 8.8 seconds to jump from the top. That's the stock market. If you want to make money from stocks, learn how to lose first.

  6. When doing business in Shanghai, it's all about style, gimmicks, and potential. These are all your style. This private room is your gimmick. Others may run a shell company, and so do you. The only difference is that your shell is bigger - Peace Hotel.

  7. How many wallets should a man have? Three. The first one is how much money you actually have. The second one is your credit, how much money you can mobilize from other people's wallets. The third one is how much money others think you have. This quote from "Fanhua" foreshadows the three levels of a person's wealth: their actual wealth, their credit, and their perceived wealth. If the style is in place, it showcases the first wallet; if the gimmick is in place, it affects the third wallet; and the potential affects the second wallet.

  8. The market is always right, the only one wrong is yourself. If you rush too fast and escape too slowly, you will definitely suffer. Your head is on your shoulders, your feet are on your own body, as long as you protect yourself, opportunities will always outweigh risks.

  9. Doing business is not about who earns more, it's about who lasts longer. Don't think about getting rich overnight, take one step at a time and be steady.

  10. In business, the first thing you need to learn is two words: don't speak. If you don't know, can't explain clearly, haven't thought it through, haven't planned it, and make things difficult for yourself and others, don't speak. Leave room for everything, right? "Don't speak" appears thousands of times in the original work of "Fanhua". In Shanghai dialect, it means inconvenient to say, silent, or not answering, with rich meanings and lingering charm. "Don't speak" doesn't mean silence, it is a kind of blank space.

  11. Foreign trade is like borrowing someone else's chicken to lay your own eggs, but why should others lend you their chicken and help you lay eggs?

  12. Nowadays, market economy is advocated. If you engage in the market, believe in the market. Whether it's one dollar for a cup of tea or ten dollars for a cup of tea, it's someone else's business. If you don't believe in the market, just like us, live a peaceful life. This is a line from the character Jingxiu. Jingxiu is the owner of a small grocery store. Compared with Abao, Yeshu, and Lili who do big business, he represents the ordinary people on Huanghe Road and is a small character of the times.

  13. The capital market seeks revenge, it will only make you go back and forth.

  14. Your heart can be passionate, but your head must be cool.

  15. Everyone is equal in the face of opportunity. Seize the opportunity and you may change your life. Some rise with the wind, while others fall back to zero in half a day.

  16. The weather won't always be good, and people won't always have the upper hand.

  17. Have principles, be capable, and handle things well. Finally, be prepared to lose.

  18. People always get trapped by something. If it's not stocks, it's houses.

  19. When you look at yourself, everything seems great, and it's always someone else's fault. But in fact, when others look at you, you are full of flaws. Optimism is good, but you still need to make the worst plan and be prepared for everything.

  20. Rising to prominence is a process of being taught a lesson.

  21. Don't let your words exceed your abilities.

  22. Everyone has a scale in their heart. They know when they can share wealth and when they can share hardships. They have a sense of it.

  23. Goals are never far away. Step by step, day by day, just give it your all and leave the rest to time.

  24. Everyone has to move forward. Either you go or you stay, but never regret. Regret is irreparable.

  25. Relationships are always about owing and being owed, just like painting a wall, back and forth. That's why relationships become deeper and deeper.

  26. There's no such thing as true or false. What you see in front of you is true, and what has left is false.

  27. At that time, I couldn't see her clearly. Ten years later, I still couldn't see her clearly, but I saw myself clearly. Abao was a factory worker when he was young and was later "abandoned" by his first love. At that time, Abao didn't fully understand the other person and couldn't see the person in front of him clearly. Ten years later, Abao still didn't understand her, but he knew what he wanted to do and how to do it.

  28. No matter how brave a cricket is, no matter how sharp its teeth are, in the end, it will still lose and die. People are the same.

  29. Why can't I be my own harbor? No. 27 is not my harbor, and Mr. Bao is not either. I am my own harbor.

  30. It's better to strike a golden bell once than to break a drum a thousand times. From "Dream of the Red Chamber" Chapter 72, it means it's better to have a brief encounter with a capable person than to deal with mediocre and inferior people.

  31. It's difficult to cross the mountains. If you succeed, you will be proud. If you fail, it becomes a lesson to warn others.

  32. Today's sun cannot shine on tomorrow's clothes. Time determines everything.

  33. In the eyes of heaven, everything is inevitable. A choice, a life, cannot be escaped by knowing right from wrong.

  34. There are two questions in life. First, find the problem. Second, solve it.

  35. Only by seeing the future can there be a future.

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